You can donate a portion of your company shares to Nika.

Donate Company Shares

You can donate a portion of your company shares to Nika.
In our MOI we made sure to record that this company exists to fund the Kingdom of Jesus.
The founders of Nika had a need to invite God Almighty as a legal shareholder into their businesses. Nika was then formed to be a vehicle/legal entity through which legal shareholding can be transfered from the current shareholders to Nika Capital. If you have a similar conviction you can do the same.
The future dividends that will be earned through these shares will go into the donor pool that flows to beneficiaries.


Don’t allow ignorance, isolation or indifference to capture your business and drown it in a draining economy as a result of a broken education system.

Join Nika Capital in making a real world difference on behalf of ourselves, our companies, and those that will lead us into the future.


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