Nika originated through generosity

A handful of like-minded and like-hearted businessmen felt a strong unction to operate as faithful stewards of that which God had entrusted to them. They felt that together, they’ll be able to have a much greater impact, understanding that their collaborative wisdom and efforts far surpasses individual capabilities and the usual thinking around CSI initiatives. Thus, the idea to create Nika originated around 2013 and in 2014, Nika was registered as both an Non-Profit-Company and a Broad Based Black Ownership Scheme. The founding contributors were WastePlan, Infotech (through Mergon) and Business Print.

We believe that Nika originated from God, to be a vehicle through which business can expand the kingdom of God on earth. Worth mentioning is that these founding contributors were inspired by businessman and philanthropist Francois van Niekerk, founder of the Mergon Foundation. However, each founder also experienced a personal call, which was confirmed when their paths crossed with one another. In January 2013, Bertie Lourens, the MD of WastePlan, specifically heard God asking him to give Him ownership, i.e. equity, of the business. Later in 2013, his path crossed with Heinrich Venter, who has had a lifelong dream to see business take up its destined role to expand the kingdom of God.

Fanie Venter, who had been putting kingdom principles into action in his businesses through the years, also joined forces enthusiastically. Explaining why he embraced the opportunity to “make God an owner” of his business, Fanie puts it as follows: “By giving God shareholder equity, I’m making Him part of the DNA of my business. Now, Kingdom work is no longer limited to a series of actions on the “outside”, such as investing in our staff (which we believe to be our true assets), or supporting NPOs/churches, such as making spare capacity available to them. Rather, Kingdom work is now integral and central to all we do: flowing naturally out of the DNA, the purpose of our business.”

Together, they approached Almero Strauss. Based on his years of experience in Social Impact Investment through the pioneering Mergon Foundation, Almero was instrumental in formulating and structuring the type of investment vehicle most suitable to achieve Nika’s vision.

Thus, the founding contributors specifically gave a portion of shares to God via Nika Capital. With the help of their trusted advisors Almero Strauss and John Jones, Nika was structured to best utilise the opportunities that BBBEE provide for businesses to make a kingdom impact. Nika Capital now operates as a vehicle for Kingdom strategy for business, where business strategy and BBBEE strategy aligns herewith, so that a collective Kingdom mandate can be achieved.

We believe that Nika originated from God, to be a vehicle through which business can expand the kingdom of God on earth.


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