Miah-NieCke’s Story

Most people when diagnosed with diabetes typically give up on all or most of their life dreams and goals – the reason for this is that diabetes could be extremely restricting one’s physical abilities. Read on…


Many people when diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) typically feel like giving up on all or most of their life dreams and goals – the reason for this is that diabetes could be extremely challenging and high maintenance to manage, and restricting one’s physical abilities. Miah Niecke was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 11 in 2015 and she has decided not to give in to the challenges of diabetes or the fear of what diabetes can do to her. She has decided to take on the most extreme physical events to prove that individuals with incurable chronic illnesses can still live out all their dreams with just a little bit of planning.

This year she is attempting one of the most gruelling mountain bike races in the world. The Munga is a single stage mountain bike race of 1130 kilometres that starts in Bloemfontein and ends in Wellington in the heat of summer through the Karoo (which is the hottest part of our country).

She will be the youngest rider ever to attempt this… and with a chronic health condition. Miah Niecke wants to give HOPE and raise awareness for the disease. The second reason why she is attempting this race is to raise money for underprivileged kids who cannot afford a decent education – this is where Nika Capital steps in. Nika is a non-profit company that is committed to breaking the poverty cycle through education by helping children get quality education. We believe that is the only way in which we can change the lives of those children and many generations to come.

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