Nika makes funding allocations to selected schools, NPOs and NGOs who share to educate children and simultaneously build them as valuable persons and leaders, by teaching them biblical principles.

We provide in immediate need as best we can, but we also come together and pray to God for wisdom and guidance – we apply our hearts and minds towards finding sustainable solutions and/ or innovative plans to create a better future for these children, parents and educators.

At present, the two main beneficiaries are Schools of Hope and OakTree Christian Schools.

1 | New School Of Hope

In 2015, NIKA began supporting a small pre-school project at an informal settlement in the West of Pretoria, called Zama Zama, where. poverty and unemployment are everyday realities. NIKA assisted the project by helping them to set up their already established pre- school and aftercare under a not for profit entity called New Schools of Hope, thereby providing them with a suitable governance structure to attract more benefactors.

With learners, mostly between the ages of 4 and 18, all of those who benefit are black children. NIKA also provides New Schools of Hope on a regular basis with good quality food, as well as funding for training of the educational staff. We’ve been involved since 2015 and plan to continue and broaden our involvement towards helping them to become self-sustainable.

The community of Pretoria West / Zama Zama is now the very first school in New Schools of Hope, where schools, nurseries and aftercare organisations with a Christian foundation endeavour to improve the lives of underprivileged children and community by giving them a future through good education and sound biblical principles.

2 | Oaktree Schools

Nika has come to support OakTree Christian Schools, to action our vision to enable and equip educational organisations to enhance, grow and multiply impact and efforts. As part of OakTree Development Solutions, OakTree Christian Schools aims to position itself as schools that are private, but not exclusive; financially sustainable, but not commercially driven. A sound, viable Christian Education Model has been developed, where sustainability is achieved through commercial viability.

This Christian Education Model merges a Christian foundation with sound business principles. Smaller Christian schools (typically started by churches) are guided through this excellent education model to grow into a commercially viable school, enabling these schools to serve a growing student population and school system. Financial surpluses, which are the cornerstone of sustainability of the Christian foundation, are ploughed back primarily towards the benefit of the student community: child, parent and teacher.

Oaktree Christian Schools are enabled with practical tools, such as a digitised communication/administration system; access to experienced staff through resource sharing initiatives, such as extra classes via Skype; a school policy and management framework; and a strategic plan framework, which could include key areas such as introducing practical training in technical/agricultural subjects, and/or addressing nutritional deficiencies through a school/community vegetable garden.

Hence the schools are part of a network of schools that run as commercially viable as their opportunities and/or communities would allow, while benefiting from the expertise, successes and strengths of “stronger” schools. This sharing of challenges, resources and expertise is a trademark of OakTree Christian schools – a community of schools that are not only run by Kingdom and Kingdom business principles, but also put these principles into action, impacting their fellow schools & communities and building a better future together.

3 | Kraaifontein Creche

The emotional, social and physical development of a young child has a direct effect on their overall development and how they will be able to learn and therefore become ‘successful’, contributing adult. Our country’s children enter a formal education systems that are failing to develop children into creative, engaged lifelong learners.

The purpose of this Rainbow Hour remedial program, sponsored by NIKA is to help children stimulate the neural pathways for learning, through fun, colourful games and stories. It is eminent to have specific neural pathways to be able to learn a language, spatial and self-regulatory skills (like memory). Those skills, in turn, relate to reading, writing and mathematics.

Play is key to emotional well-being and mental health. It is also the best way to learn: playing games that incorporate bodily movement, rhymes, stories and music. Each game and activity in this program help a child to be ready to start his or her educational journey.

The children’s overall performance scored up to 69% better, in all five developmental areas, only after 4 months of therapy.


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