Our Plan

The SA Government spends ZAR 220 billion per year on an education system that produces a 50% matric pass rate for only 4.2% of the grade 1 students that started 12 years earlier.

(source: Centre for Risk Analysis South Africa)

  • What happens to the 95.8% ?
  • 45% of them drop out before they reach grade 12
  • The rest of them either don’t pass grade 12 or they pass with a mark below 50%

Maintain and grow a well governed financial platform with business leaders with significant business experience but a vision to bring change and solutions to the South African education landscape:

1. Manage assets of underlying business assets.
2. Collect and manage distributions to high impact beneficiaries.
3. Manage and measure the impact on three tiers of capital:
a. Social capital
b. Spiritual capital
c. Economical capital

Build a credible relationally sound network of generous ethical donors and funders who want to utilize funding for the benefit of South African education.

We believe that we should only address a few key issues

1. Start preparing children emotionally for grade 1 at ECD ( Early Childhood Development) level.
2. Create a place of safety for learners that is conducive to learning.
3. Ensure each school has a courageous Principal with a desire to lead, and have the resources available to lead well.
4. Use Christian disipleship as a teaching model.
5. Apply basic and sound business principles in running a school with a focus on growth and sustainability.
6. Help our Principals to adopt and influence one other school in the same community.
Fast forward 12 years and we might have 1.2mil kids each year entering the economy, skilled, and willing to help rebuild our country.


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