As business leaders and entrepreneurs we sense a deep responsibility for those that depend on us.


Whether it is for our teams, our families and friends, or for all those who either directly contribute to or benefit from our greater economy, we are constantly creating a safe and sustainable environment, shaping the trajectory of South Africa’s future through business.

However, never before has corporate South Africa been faced with so many challenges on the journey towards a prosperous economy. Extreme poverty largely brought about by a deeply broken education system is keeping an entire generation of young people from taking responsibility for their own future. Even state sponsored platforms that propose to use business as a vehicle for good, like the BBBEE and company tax systems, often seem either too complicated or too compromised to effectively deliver on their promises. Additionally, the demands of running a profitable company alone is already taxing enough on any leader, without even trying to make a difference beyond the boundaries of their own business.

Feeling disconnected and discouraged, many of South Africa’s finest entrepreneurs give up on making a larger impact, settling only for keeping the company afloat year on year, and hoping that the future will somehow get better.

As a word, Nika literally translated means ‘ give ’ in Zulu and ‘ victory ’ in Greek.
As a movement, Nika Capital understands the rigorous of running a profitable business, along with the responsibility to use that business to positively impact our society on a national level. As an executive team with extensive experience in both the corporate and not-for-profit industries, we are the ideal partner for any business leader who is looking to play their part in securing South Africa’s future.

By the generosity of our business community we will eradicate extreme poverty in South Africa, through the radical betterment of our education system. Discover your unique role in the radical transformation of South Africa. Realise that your business is the ideal tool for bringing about positive change to the youth of our country.

Partner with Nika Capital as your guide on the journey towards positive impact. Joining Nika means that your investment will yield exponential social returns, as you interact and grow along with the Nika business community. Change the future of our country by leveraging your business for good. As you contribute towards the education solution, prepare to see poverty lifted and a generation of young leaders take responsibility for the future.

Register your interest today by speaking directly to the Nika Capital team. Engage with us in a non-committal conversation, exploring how your business can play an active role in re-imagining South Africa’s future. Don’t allow ignorance, isolation or indifference to capture your business and drown it in a draining economy as a result of a broken education system.

Join us in making a real world difference on behalf of ourselves, our companies, and those that are about to lead us into the future.





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